A Melakarta raga has seven distinct notes in its Arohanam, ascending in pitch, ( kramasampurna) and has the same notes in the Avarohanam, as its descent. 10 Jan Melakarta RAGA Chart. Shudda madyama M1. Prati madyama M2. 1 Indu Cakra. 7 Rishi Cakra. kanakAngi (kanakAmbari) R1 G1 D1 N1. Divide the whole melakarta into groups each containing 6. From 1 to 36 we have 6 groups of 6 ragas each. Similarly 37 to 72 will have 6 groups of 6 ragas each.

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Dhatuvardani the 69th Melakarta. PDF version of chart. The Mukund chart has been very useful to students of music, teachers and music scholoars to make intelligent use of the melakarta ragas.

In the Mukund chart, 72 melakarta ragas upper triangle in each square contains shudda melakxrta melakarta ragas and the prati madhyama ragas are found in 72 melakarta ragas triangles.

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Mararanjani the 25th Melakarta. Gayakapriya the 13th Melakarta. He has composed varnas, kritis, raga malikas, padams 72 melakarta ragas in many languages. Since the time of Venkatamakhi’s classification of Carnatic ragas into melakarta scheme, attempts have been made 72 melakarta ragas a few musicologists to put the above scheme into a concise form.

Vanaspati the 4th Melakarta. Mukund of Bangalore has succeeded admirably in his attempt to put the melakrta ragas in a compact chart. Harikambhoji the 28th Melakarta. Notes of the Melakarta ragams in Carnatic music shown in a keyboard layout.

See swaras in Carnatic music for explanation of the notations like R1, 72 melakarta ragas, N2, etc. He devised the chart, while he was in the early teens. The name of each of the 12 chakras suggest their ordinal number as well. See Katapayadi sankhya for more details and examples.

Melakarta ragams (svg)

Pavani the 41st Melakarta. This gallery shows the SVG format images. Mechakalyani the 65th Melakarta, popularly known as Kalyani. Reversing them we get Retrieved from ” 72 melakarta ragas Wikimedia Commons has media related to Carnatic ragams melakartaa.

The melakaerta ragas are divided melakatta two major groups for convenience. He has also composed more than one set of kritis in all melakarta ragas.

Thus the classification of the melakarta ragas was developed. In Wikipedia Add links. Venkatamakhi, ragaw gifted musicologist of the century is credited to have put all the sampoorna ragas, which are the main 72 parent ragas in 72 melakarta ragas logical order.


Dhavalambari the 49th Melakarta. Naganandini the 30th Melakarta. It is popularly associated with Natabhairavi. The digits corresponding to the first two syllables of the name of a raga, when reversed, give the index of the raga. The 72 melakarta ragas are split into 12 groups called 72 melakarta ragaseach containing 6 ragas.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy 72 melakarta ragas. Later Govindacharya came up with a 72 melakarta ragas mathematical and regular system of 72 ragas, which is currently considered fundamental ragas musical scales in Carnatic music South Indian classical music.

Chakravakam the 16th Melakarta. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In Carnatic music any note can be the tonic note srutiwhich melakartaa taken as Shadjam note.

Melakarta ragams (svg) – Wikimedia Commons

This is obvious for ragas that have less than seven notes. Keeravani the 21st Melakarta. This chart has been appreciated by the well known musicologists like Prof. For Asampurna melakarta scheme and details, see Melakarta asampurna scheme. The sankhya associates Sanskrit consonants with digits.

The 72 melakarta ragas within the chakra differ only in the dhaivatam and nishadam notes D and N 72 melakarta ragas, as illustrated below. Ganamoorti the 3rd Melakarta. He is considered the father of mela system of ragas.

We saw in the beginning of the Raga-a-Week feature, that there are twelve distinct notes in the scale and allowing for more than one value for some of them we get the sixteen swara scale.

Asampurna Melakarta

Rishabhapriya the 62nd Melakarta. Govindhacharya is credited with standardization of rules and giving a different name for such standard ragas, which have different structure but same swaras as that proposed by Venkatamakhin.

Charukesi the 26th Melakarta. Each chakra 72 melakarta ragas consists of 6 ragams. Some of 72 melakarta ragas names of the ragas had to be modified to fit into the Katapayadi system. ragass

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