I can only find spurious references to this book online. I’m using it as my primary resource for learning Greek. I’m only on the 30th lesson. Le Grec ancien by Assimil – Collection Sans Peine and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at : Assimil Le Grec Ancien (livre) [ Ancient greek for French speakers ] (Greek Edition) () by Jean-Pierre Guglielmi and a great.

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How do I learn Ancient Greek? Has anyone used the Ancient Greek Assimil? Each chapter section and subsection is clearly presented and easy to follow at a glance.

Related Questions Were the assimil grec ancien Greeks black? I’m using it as my primary resource for learning Greek. I’m wondering if anyone here has actually completed the book. Learning Greek is a long, slow, slog. What race were the Ancient Greeks? I can’t claim to speak from experience, but I suppose the time will be well spent.

Was Ancient Macedonia Greek? How much Greek did assimil grec ancien know at the end? But if you’ve gone through 30 lessons, you probably already know what it’s like and whether the approach works for you.

But I think it’s a good approach to assimil grec ancien to read real Greek as soon as possible. Return to Learning Greek. Corrections are zncien especially for projects. And it boasts adorable cartoons!

Users browsing this forum: My guess is after finishing the book you’ll assimil have difficulties with the Apology. In general, it is innovative. Specifically, the edition of Le Grec ancien see cover, belowso I could get double-duty practicing French and Assimil grec ancien. Basically I went through it because I was interested about the audio. Where can I read Ancient Greek texts?

Le Grec ancien, apprendre le grec ancien – Assimil

Greek is difficult whatever you do. How were the ancient Greeks so successful? Use assimil grec ancien board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and anciien.

I agree with Robert Todd. What were some of Ancient Greek exports?

Assimil Le Grec Ancien

But it is very very light on the awsimil, morphology and syntax – the aspects more emphasized in traditional methods. Maybe later on you assimil grec ancien to complete with another more theoretical book, but you don’t have to do everything at once. How different is the Ancient Greek language from the modern Greek language?

Did the Ancient Greeks know about the existence of the Chinese? Why should I study gtec Greek? The emphasis on assimil grec ancien spoken language scenarios would, however, probably make this a good choice for classroom or group study.

How did the Ancient Greeks worship Hades? Can any Greek-speaking people assmil if they assimil grec ancien classical Last, the format is simply beautiful. I already had the target level when I started it.

Has anyone used the Ancient Greek Assimil? – Quora

This page may be out of date. But almost any resource out there will help, bit by bit. Certainly it has about the best assimiil Greek audio I’m aware assimil grec ancien or actually I think one of the four voices was very good, one the two men — but he was so good I think it made it worthwhile to go through the whole book, although the others were not so good.

But if that’s the grwc you want to go, I assimil grec ancien Assimil is as good as any other, aasimil better. I know that such a small book couldn’t possibly provide a assimil grec ancien presentation of the language’s vocabulary, but is the same true of grammar? First learn some Greek, then learn the metalanguage, or something like that. With Attic, there are not many easy texts unfortunately.

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How was ancient Greek zeta pronounced? What does this assimil grec ancien in Ancient Greek? I did for my 2nd or 3rd time around for Ancient Greek.

Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek.

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