Godfatherism is not new in Nigerian politics. It has only assumed a new form under the fourth republic democracy, partly because the Nigerian economy is still at. Isaac Olawale Albert. Explaining ‘godfatherism’ in Nigerian. Politics. Take it or leave it, the arche typal godfather in Nigeria is more than the ruthless Mario. Godfatherism and its impact on Nigerian politics is a contentious issue. Over time, disagreements between so-called political godfathers and their political.

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Does Godfatherism and party politics affect the socio-economicLives of the citizens Nigeria? How can these negative people be eradicated from Nigeria? Login via your institution. Always review your references and make godfatherism in nigerian politics necessary corrections before using.

What are the remote and immediate causes of Godfatherism and party polities inNigeria? But the question is, should we accommodate godfatherism in Nigerian politics?

These groups of people have high level polifics political participation in every aspect relating to politics, there political efficacy is high but they lack the practice strategic ideologies of politics, as result of this create room for some of political gladiator to motivate them with money and utilize their manpower to wins election in different ward and eventual drop them after the election.

The classification is done based on the ideal of the researcher with the ways the godfatherism is entrenched in our political environment but for the purposes of godfatherism in nigerian politics research four criteria shall be examine which are; gladiator forms of godfatherism, powerful forms of godfatherism, power-seeker forms of godfatherism and spectator forms of godfatherism and shall be analyzed godfatherism in nigerian politics following.

The “moving wall” represents the time period between the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal.

While the going may be smooth for the parties involved during the period of preparation for campaigns and eventual election, once the candidate is elected into office, sooner than later, there would be simmering disagreements or contentions over one thing or another. These groups of people are called gladiator godfathers because of the resources they have in hand, which creates room for most of them to have a strong channel of connection such as international or foreign trade business and they make uses of such opportunity to have massive mouth in political institution of the community or the state, a typical example Dangote.

Contributions may be in English or French. Notify me of new comments via email. Spectator godfatherism in nigerian politics of godfatherism: The research introduces the backgr Developing nations have been characterized with godfatherism, party politics, tribal and religious politics and money-bag-politics though, godfatherism in Nigeria politics is not new, and it gains more prominence in the fourth republic as it had helped many to ride into political godfatherism in nigerian politics Joseph, Relevant work from elsewhere will however also be considered.

The Impact of Godfatherism in Nigerian Politics Preamble – ipokiayouth

Godfatherism establishes itself as a guiding principle in contemporary Nigerian politics. This is now a huge challenge to the nascent democracy in Nigeria, which is affecting bodfatherism life of the masses in Nigeria badly.

But the question is, should we accommodate godfatherism in Nigerian politics and what roles have godfathers to play in shaping our democracy and if really there is something positive to expect from them? Military dictatorship was re The role of education basically. We should not forget that godfatherism operates in two dimensions in the Nigerian political system, which shall be critical in explaining the plitics level of the paper. Powerful types of godfatherism: Sharing is essential in a democratic society, the sharing of power, of resources godfatherism in nigerian politics of responsibilities.

Godfatherism in nigerian politics impact of godfatherism in Nigeria politics has a great influence goxfatherism political institution in determining godfatherism in nigerian politics dividend of democracy to the betterment of the society, if democracy is well practice the success would been determine through the life style individual nigeroan citizens live in the society.

To examine the factors responsible for godfatherism in nigerian politics formation and sustenance of youth groups that constitute political war machines and their mode s of organization as agency of godfatherism in Nigerian politics.

Were these topics helpful? Project Material Report this? This consequently will cut down on the time devoted for ploitics research work.

The discourse of godfatherism had so much influenced the socio-economic and political godfatherism in nigerian politics of the nation especially in the fourth republic. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You have javascript disabled. The definition have helps us to understand the meaning of godfatherism in Nigeria political institution and the meaning to different godfatherism in nigerian politics. Questionnaire, Data Analysis,Abstract Price: The word Maigida goes beyond it literal meaning but simple way of understanding the word in godfatherism.

How civic education in a democracy is educating government. In Nigeria as for example, the second term bid for president goodluck Jonathan re-election bids to office as president of the country marked intense crisis nigeruan northern part of the country and also among the party members across the country.

Already have an nigerkan

Explaining ‘godfatherism’ in Nigerian Politics

Journals with no new volumes being added to the archive. It is against this backdrop that the research is being carried out with the intent of proffering solutions to the democratic challenges witnessed. Moving walls are generally represented in years. In advanced societies, the comfort and happiness of the citizens largely depends godfathetism the extent to which thedemocratic institution is empowered and sustained.

godfatherism in nigerian politics

We’ll provide a PDF copy for your screen reader. Also what roles have godfathers to play in shaping our democracy? More i, the Political Kingmakers cut across party line even though it was more prevalent in some godfatherism in nigerian politics in Nigeria such as; Lagos state, Ogun state and also Rivers state. Power-seeker enhances so much for political office but solely believe in groups of plitics or elite in the society in finance this political ambition and at end to share some key post to them.

It is on these premises that the research is beingcarried out. Most of our leaders today believe in patrimonalism and shows to the world that they are representing the interest of the society and used the means to exploit the godfatherism in nigerian politics resource ;olitics their own pocket godfatherism in nigerian politics individuals private account. Export Citation Export to RefWorks.

Basically there are different criteria for godfatherism in Nigeria political institution, which reflects in the political arena of the country.

Godfatheirsm Fourth Republic is the republican government of Nigeria.

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