How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love Affair What makes a woman fascinating to her husband? What is happiness in marriage for a woman? These are. The same year Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique rocked American households by defining the dissatisfactions of housewives, Helen Andelin. These are just two of the questions Helen B. Andelin answers in the bestselling classic that has already brought new happiness and life to millions of marriages.

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This is called baby talk. According to Helen, anvelin, men — all men, not just abusers— do this. There are so many things that make me angry about this book, but I can condense them into three main points. Jan 23, Kelly rated it it was amazing. Fascinating Womanhood is an example of evil practices being hailed as noble and even necessary.

helem She encourages women to hide their opinions, hide their true emotions and hide any skill that could threaten the supremacy of their husband. January 13, by SamanthaField. I can more or less buy that, and through the book she explains how to gain these qualities.

She appeared in the March 10,issue of Time magazine, in an article called “Total Fascination”. If she wants a man to love and adore her, she must cater to a man’s every whim while always discounting her every need.

Which, ok, I can buy into the notion that your mental health can affect your physical health, but I am a little tired of lists like these. Appreciate what is good in him and you are more likely to bring out his better qualities. The best part of the book is understanding how men think.

Fascinating Womanhood

That said, it must be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t know what to helfn about this book. Published January 1st by Bantam first published Learn childlike mannerisms by studying the antics of little girls. In her teens, she worked in a malt shop and at her parents’ hotel.

Helen Andelin – Wikipedia

Feb 06, Danielle T rated it did not like it Shelves: I know this sounds crazy. I think the thing that I love most about this book is the quote from the author on the back. To show that your man is more “manly” than you are do some sort of “masculine” thing like hunting, or fixing a cabinet badly on purpose so that he can “fix” it for you; eh, if tha Okay yes, this book saved my marriage – transformed it from awful to wonderful; and I do highly recommend it; and I did write a blog based on the book.

And some men are evil and will dominate and terrorize their wives with emotional and physical abuse. A couple women retrieve their husbands from prostitutes–but their husbands don’t repent of their heleb You could turn in circles your entire life trying to figure out exactly how to save your marriage by this method.

She harps on it every single chapter:. To show that your man is more “manly” than you are do some sort of “masculine” thing like hunting, or fixing a cabinet badly on purpose helwn that he can “fix” it for you; eh, if that doesn’t bother you fine.

There are nine specific ways Helen says women can develop a feminine manner: It will show you the mistakes you are making- and teach you how to change!

It is a proactive book and is not about changing anyone, but yourself to make your life more harmonious. It is absolutely ridiculous. I’m glad I read it. It would certainly not help. Weirdly enough, I know people who would probably enjoy this book in a nonironic way and agree with the importance of maintaining gender roles- heldn because those individuals and the author are both Mormon which is likely why the phrase ‘Celestial Marriage’ pops up periodically As a woman who kills her own snakes not really sure why that phrase was used to symbolize independent woman, but oh wellthis book made me either chuckle or chuck it across the room, depending on where I was.

Andelin began her online presence in She tells her readers to abandon any efforts to further develop or apply that talent or skill. I’m sorry, but the people who support this sort of nonsense do more damage to the family unit than a parade of half nekkid bra burning amazons and gay dudes in chaps making out publicly ever could. Aandelin would not meltI guarantee you. And the best and most annoying part of this book is that it actually works.

And I do believe hele the job of mother is the most important that a woman can have, however that doesn’t mean that other jobs that she may have are so unimportant that they can be ignored. She starts off, however, exactly where we would expect her to: A woman, in Andelin’s mind, should hleen 1 part helpless idiot I don’t know what to say about this book.

And dont tell me that he manipilated his wife to come back to him, no he won her love and appriciation, this book teaches you the same thing.

Aug 14, Diane rated it did not like it Recommends it for: You may have to be an actress to succeed, if only a ham actress. Well, if you feel that a woman should have no voice and that they make nice floor mats Andelin also designed The Domestic Goddess Planning Notebook to help women keep their busy lives organized.

In the presence of such weakness, he feels stronger, more competent, bigger, manlier than ever. More than one author has indicated that Andelin wrote her book in response to Betty Friedan ‘s The Feminine Mystique[8] [9] though that would have been impossible, since Fascinating Womanhood took four years to write and came out the same year that Friedan’s book was published.

Caring for children, cooking delicious meals, and cleaning the house can be pleasant experiences.

But he was genuenly impressed with the changes when i read the book- Im a control freak and i boss everyone around me- so when i started to act more like a woman and depend on him instead of controling him he was ready to put me on pedestrial.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As I read, I kept thinking, “Who would even want a man like that?! Because he’s a male? Helen says thisalmost word-for-word. It’s crystal clear to me that I was a great wife and the problem was with him. This book teaches none of those principles.

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