THE EYE OF REVELATION: The Ancient Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation [Peter Kelder, J. W. Watt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Eye of Revelation: The Ancient Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation by J. W. Watt Were Peter Kelder and Colonel Bradford Real People? * Who Really Wrote. 1 Dec by Peter Kelder |edited by J.W. Watt | book review by June Milligan |. This book was originally published in The story behind it is.

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Not worth the 2 dollars I paid kslder it at the used bookstore. Hold this position for a moment or two and then slowly lower the feet to the floor, and for the next several moments allow all of the muscles in the entire keoder to relax completely. What he did have was a peter kelder the eye of revelation of enthusiasm and very specific intentions for this practice. Peter Kelder After retiring, Kelder’s Colonel Bradford went on to discover the lamasery and lived with the lamas, where they taught him five exercises, which they called “rites”.

Refresh and try again. Started doing the 5 rituals daily, looks like working. If you are terrified of yoga, this book demystifies the ancient science of yoga by making it accessible to everyone. If possible, let the feet extend back a bit over the body toward the head, but do not let the knees bend. It will take months and years to test the soundness of exercises and ideas described.

Free Download – “The Eye of Revelation” by Peter Kelder – AND Editions

To prevent the ageing and make you look younger, all you have to do is just do 5 tibetan rveelation within a day.

Additionally, Bradford reveals information on the importance of what foods one should eat, proper food combinations, and the correct method of eating. This is very simple and naive. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Inexplicably I stopped doing them after a few months and have never felt as well since. The Eye of Revelation: I do believe the techniques are authentic and what I’ve been practicing has been slightly altered. There are Five Rites recommended exercises –to do each day!

Five Tibetan Rites

His method for attaining the knowledge was more adventurous. Three bodies Five sheaths Chakra Nadi. This is a reprint of an older book about six exercises claimed to be from Tibetan traditions for improved health and anti-aging benefits. This book is very hokey. Return peter kelder the eye of revelation Book Page. I got so dizzy trying one of them that I was sick for the rest of the day. So it happened with “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth.

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I believe in what I try myself, and I feel that there’s no harm in this knowledge, but life. Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth: The exercises rites are not the crazy hard ones, but some people will have to do the best they can and they will improve daily until they can do them, and they will benefit rather Benefits of yoga and the power of positive thinking in a nutshell While peter kelder the eye of revelation content is presented as a discovered secret to the fountain of youth, the benefits of yoga and positive thinking are well documented.

Retrieved from ” https: Although the origin of the Five Rites before the publication of The Eye of Revelation is disputed between practitioners and skeptics, a comparison of illustrations of the postures shows a remarkable similarity between the Rites and authentic Tibetan ‘ phrul ‘khor exercises from a system rendered into English as Vajra Body Magical Wheel Sun and Moon Union Tibetan: Does leave a lot up in the air as mystical – would love to see a good scientific review as opposed to the “just do this, it works” theme.

One day, when peter kelder the eye of revelation time is right, I will make them a part of my life again. I really enjoy reading this book and look forward to putting it to good use. Paperback30 pages.

Hold this position for a few moments, return to first position, and RELAX peyer a few moments before performing the Rite again. In his booklet, Kelder claims that while stationed in India, British army officer Colonel Bradford a pseudonym heard a story about a group of lamas who had apparently discovered a ” Fountain of Youth “.

Interesting exercises – which can’t fail to be helpful for one’s health. Additionally, he reported that Bradford’s hair had grown back, without a trace of gray. For example, it said plant oils are good and animal oils are bad except butter.

The “wandering natives”, as thee called them, told him of old peter kelder the eye of revelation who inexplicably became healthy, strong, and full of “vigor and virility” after entering a particular lamasery. According to Kelder, Bradford’s stay in the lamasery transformed him from a stooped, old gentleman with a cane to a tall and straight young man in the prime of his life.

The Eye of Revelation: The Ancient Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

The Rites are said to be a form of Tibetan yoga similar to the yoga series that originated in India. There is peter kelder the eye of revelation one caution: I do believe the technique This is a rather narrow view of the complexities of Yoga.

It’s a good book for some who are not well versed athletes. Chin should be on chest — head forward. Time to move a little It is a positive thought and behaviour thingy based on doing the exercises described in this old book. See 1 question about The Eye of Revelation…. The story that explains how the book came about is charming, whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t matter.

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