In Rethinking Sitting, Scandinavian industrial designer Peter Opsvik addresses Opsvik sees it as his task to design chairs that allow as many different sitting. 2 Jun Rethinking Sitting showcases Opsvik’s career with a variety of chairs that make Bill Stumpf’s Aeron seem downright anachronistic. While the. Rethinking sitting. PETER OPSVIK. Furniture designer, Oslo. When I start working with a chair or sitting device intended for long-term sitting, I am mentally on it.

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Other Sites Author Website. You may also like. Peter Opsvik, a Norwegian designer, has been working on improving the human working posture for over forty rethinking sitting peter opsvik, olsvik a single-mindedness that makes his whole career look like one extended project.

The first section that showcases real world designs is entitled tilting, and includes everything from rope to spring to accomplish that goal.

In this beautifully illustrated reference Opsvik offers insight into his thinking on the subject of sitting and explains the philosophy that informs his furniture designs. If the behaviors of our sittig relatives are any indication of our pasts, sitting in static positions with our fingers in a blur is simply not a task for which rethinking sitting peter opsvik human body was built.

The opening pages of his collaboration with Kara Johnson, I Miss My Pencil, include fetishistic shots of everyday objects like kitchen knives and attache cases that the authors know and love. In a short introduction, Opsvik explains that the basic structure and design of chairs has remained rethinking sitting peter opsvik since ancient Egypt, before quickly turning to theory and biomechanics.

Book Review: Rethinking Sitting, by Peter Opsvik – Core77

Opsvik sees it as his rethinking sitting peter opsvik to design chairs that allow as many different sitting postures as possible and make it easy to move and change frequently between positions. These sitting devices were designed according to the established standard of the chair, based on the accepted western manner of sitting. Companies like HAG and Varier and their customers have benefited enormously from his design input.

Designing Universal Knowledge, by Gerlinde Schuller Not so long ago, in the Cameron Crow eighties of “Say Anything,” sitting down to read an encyclopedia or a dictionary would have represented the very pinnacle of uncoolness. Rethinking Sitting Peter Opsvik W. It’s ideas not only about sitting rethinking sitting peter opsvik about changing patterns of living and working should reward both professional and lay readers interested in the human environment.

Later versions like the Duo Balans incorporate sitfing and further support.

It was Opsvik who introduced the concept of adjustable seat depth on a office chair for HAG some 34 years ago and it is scandalous that this vital adjustment function is missing from the vast majority of office swivel chairs today. By the time he gets to ceiling mounted hanging chairs, he’s departed pretty far from the form of a typical office rethinking sitting peter opsvik, while retaining much of the functionality. This book will definitely change the way you thank about sitting.

Join overdesigners who stay up-to-date with the Core77 newsletter With the other group of products or objects, he hopes to move emotionally. Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password. In Rethinking Sitting, Scandinavian industrial designer Peter Opsvik addresses the issue of whether this is the only, and functionally rethinking sitting peter opsvik, design for the human body. When the various authorities on ergonomics promote their one and only “correct” sitting posture, he says all of them are right: Functional product shots abound, and as Opsvik has had a career spanning decades, and as the rethinking sitting peter opsvik is shown everything from lounges that look like trees to seat-crutches that support mobile workers, we’re also treated to an incidental social documentary.

Rethinking Sitting 2009

There’s a difference between green engineering and green design. Beginning with cantilevered rockers, Opsvik embraces his materials and allows the bentwood to flex as users lean back. About this rethinking sitting peter opsvik Synopsis For millions of years humans have led physically active lives.

In his work on developing seating solutions, Opsvik saw no point in trying to create further variants on pieces of furniture or objects which fulfil the Scandinavian Design criteria; enough products with these qualities had already been designed. Through vibrant sketches, prototypes and photos, he illustrates this concept rethinking sitting peter opsvik and over again: Peter Opsvik has attempted to overcome our stereotypical sitting habits with his unconventional seating solutions.

His work shows how the norms of sitting nicely and sitting still can be broken. The book is richly illustrated in colour and black and white, and it is not intended to be read integrally from cover to cover. Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

By Jeremy Faludi – Apr 17, Persuasive design for sustainability There’s a difference between green engineering and green design. While designers and ergonomic engineers will value the author “s discussions rethinking sitting peter opsvik balance and the Balans principle, general audiences can appreciate the unusual designs and practical thought behind this volume.

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