18 Jun On 31 August , Sister Jesme left the Congregation of Mother of Carmel. The authorities repeated attempts to have her declared insane. 14 Nov Sister Jesme on why she wrote that controversial book Amen. The English version Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun, published by. Sister Jesme, born , is an academic from Kerala, India. She resigned from her post as Sister Jesme decided to become a nun and dedicate her life in the service of God, as her beloved Jesus Christ, when she was barely in college. in her book, Amen – The Autobiography of a Nun, Indian Express reviewing the book.

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Comment on this review Submit Update. The two girls who had consumed poison and were admitted in a hospital run by the church gave a rather garbled explanation.

Wow, that definitely sounds like a heavy subject! Instead of leading a life away from the critical eyes of the public, she dared to come forward by publishing this book.

Thanks for the lovely review, Violet! It is a gripping story indeed.

The fact that she was a nun is just an added bonus. They wanted her to get psychiatric intervention, but why?

How, under the hood of nun-hood and amsn, and the entire celibacy thing, sexual harrassment and abuse is rampant. Sister Jesme has a doctorate in English Literature. Sister Jesme decided to become a nun and dedicate her life in the service of God, as her beloved Jesus Christwhen she was barely in college.

I hope the church instead of denying the charges and accusations, try to find out the guilty and make it safe for others. Barring a single faltering in the room with a priest. In Amen sister Jesme comes across as an ordinary woman who has many grudges against many people. Xister book contains no proper dates except towards the end. But still, good read.

As a saying goes, if there’s a devil residing in the roof of every normal household, there’s a devil residing in each rafter in soster convent. Some of the accusations that she makes are threatening the very foundation of the Church in Kerala. I found that the priest there sister jesme amen an autobiography of a nun each girl if he could kiss them. The confession of a prostitute. There are no autobiogtaphy topics on this book yet.

Amen: The autobiography of a nun | VIOLET CRUSH

Sister Jesme has said that writing the book has been cathartic for her. Read the book for it offers an insight into the world of Nuns and of course, for the bravery of Sister Jesme. Books ov not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul.

Well, it would have to be Amen: The autobiography of a nun by Sister Jesme. Applaud her for her courage of conviction and confidence. Though through this book, I started to like Sister Jesme and her courage. There was a Sister Abhaya Murder case in which two Catholic priests and a nun were arrested and the suicide case of a nun who was made to do all the chores in autogiography convent and in the night she was sexually harassed by the head of the convent.

Amen: The autobiography of a nun

There is atleast one book written on every single topic under the sun. The language and prose style somehow failed to evoke any strong outrage in me, whereas the content surely did Like you and autobigraphy she too works and faces office politics. She gives a lot of examples and incidents to prove the point. In India, with sister jesme amen an autobiography of a nun large percentage of illiteracy, it is imperative to adopt innovative approaches to facilitating education, especially when it comes to teaching others to read and write.

But how long can they do that!!. Jun 23, Joe rated it it was amazing.

Sister Jesme

It is an amazing book with amazing revelations. From a literary point of view, the writing clearly lacks flow as the author keeps jumping from one subject to the other. Amen autobiography of Sister Jesme is a thrilling read. It just rambles on and on with one phase of life flowing into the other without a pause. She completed all those courses and compulsory tests that you are supposed to do if you want to beco There are sister jesme amen an autobiography of a nun sides to Amen.

Chruch cannot take away the rule of Celibacy since this rule is the foundation of their beliefs. Anyways, the book is worth a single quick casual read as not much will stay with you to sister jesme amen an autobiography of a nun over after you are finished. Though Lord is her only husband, she autobiofraphy compelled to have sexual relations with another nun in the convent. The book is just ‘okay’.

Always been sceptical of jjesme Church and the life it forces its own to live, but reading this was still disturbing – to know how petty, and small-minded and un-interested in God the Church can be.

Wherever there are people, there would be politics. The book also quotes the finding of Father Joy Kalliath that 25 percent of the nuns in Kerala are discontented with their consecrated lives.

On August 26,two girls living in the Nithya Sahaya Matha Balika Mandiram, ame orphanage sister jesme amen an autobiography of a nun girls, tried to commit suicide.

Aug 27, Anupama Ma rated it liked it. Imran Khan awaits final poll tally to begin coalition building. See All Goodreads Deals…. Back in his room, he tried to fondle me and when I resisted, got up and asked angrily if I had seen a man. Also, the events suddenly jump into our face without proper explanation.

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